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The Grande Organization


Our educational facilities, inspired by sports and entertainment celebrities, provide academic, continuing, specialized, family, and community education in concert with the various strategic instructional and corporate partnerships at select global locations.

The student and adult communities that we attract include thoughtful readers, writers, and learners who are taught by a highly trained and passionate faculty capable of imparting elevated academic and personal standards. We strive to attract and foster an intellectually motivated student body capable of responding to our faculty’s encouragement and high expectations. And our education management team builds community environments where students feel safe and encouraged to be themselves.

Our exceptional faculty both teach and inspire. With bright, well-trained teachers and coaches, our mission is to bring out the best in every student, resulting in an environment that fosters high achievers and confident, capable learners.

In addition to each core academic college preparatory offering, we offer specialized education, leadership programs, sports education, cultural development, and multi-language courses for students and adults alike. With an international focus on an expansive approach to learning, the student and adult education programs are a true asset to the communities where the schools are located.

A focus of many of our facilities is the teaching of technology capabilities and an emphasis on technology solutions for personal, business, and career enhancement. There is also a strong emphasis on diversity – both in attracting student applicants from a young age and assisting and enhancing career opportunities for older students, graduates and adults where the demand remains strong in the technology sector for a culturally, racially, and ethnically diverse workforce.

In addition to the core curriculum, we offer a Young Leadership Program, Sports Education & Training, and Health & Wellness Awareness options in our charter, specialized, and sports-focused academies. And complementing our traditional education, Incentive Seminars and family and corporate educational conferences.

Young Leadership Program
Core Academic Curriculum
Sports Education & Training
College Preparatory
Specialized Education
Diversity in Information Technology
Health & Wellness Awareness
Executive/Business Incentive Seminars
Educational Conferences